Dodging waves at Oldshoremore, Scotland


Oldshoremore is one of my favourite spots on the west coast of Scotland – a wonderfully remote and impressive beach. A huge sweep of sand curves to a fine-shaped rocky headland jutting out at one end, sawn off by the waves to form a small but dramatic cliff at the tip. All the ingredients for some … [Read more...]

Chadar Trek in Ladakh – An offbeat experience

Chadar Trek 1

There are quite a few offbeat destinations in India, but trekking in Ladakh is simply one of the best. Ladakh as a destination offers a range of adventurous experiences, taking you through beautiful valleys, great heights, remote villages and gorgeous canyons. But if you want to experience the best … [Read more...]

A few thoughts on planning your Photography Tour

U Bein bridge, Amarapura - Copyright Beate Dalbec

So - you decided to take a photography tour to the destination of your dreams. Now you have some decisions to make, since every person has a different idea of their perfect tour. Here are some of my thoughts on planning your photography tour to hopefully help you have a great … [Read more...]

Shoot portrait or landscape format?


One of the first decisions we make as photographers when taking a picture is to shot in portrait or landscape format. Portrait versus landscape depends much on the scene and photographic motif. The right choice of format should add to an image, rather than detract from the picture. Most photographs … [Read more...]

Colour on a dull day – Photography

Colour on a dull day - Whilst most photographers loathe poor weather there are still pictures to be found even on the greyest of day. Colour is the most powerful and emotive of all the photographic elements. It can grab our attention, and can turn a mundane subject into a winning photograph. … [Read more...]