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I have enjoyed blogging and sharing my photography experience and images for the last couple of years. However, whilst having a blog is fun it is not much use unless it has sufficient traffic and social engagement to make it worthwhile.

Since installing the CommentLuv Premium plugin on this site a couple of months I have seen a steady increase in the amount of social engagement and involvement on this website. This has also given me the opportunity to meet up with some great bloggers for which I am grateful. They have offered plenty of advice on the art of blogging, networking, social engagement and search engine optimisation; all topics that are very important for the success of your blog.

I would like to give a little back as a thank you, so I have listed below the websites and Twitter links of blogs that I have found particularly helpful. So if you are really serious about improving social engagement on your blog then I would recommend you take a closer look at each of them.

Each of the websites listed are important points of reference for me whenever I need information or an opinion regarding blog traffic, marketing, promotion or social engagement.

For convenience they are listed in alphabetical order:

Adrienne Smith – Achieve success online
Adrienne offers a wide variety of content, information and tips on the art of blogging on her website. She freely shares much of her blogging experience of social media, blogging, online marketing, personal growth which I have found to be very helpful.
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Basic Blog Tips – Helping you build a better blog
Ileane shares her blogging experiences, skills and strategies and is focused on providing content that will help you reach your goals. She also offers blogging tips to help with getting the best from social media and website optimization.
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Guide and News – Guide to blogging
Ehsan Ullah is the founder of and a blogger with a passion for writing about blogging, internet marketing and affiliate marketing. His main focus on the blog is to offer help and guidance to enable you to improve your own blog.
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Inspire to Thrive – Thrive With Social Media, Blogging & SEO
Lisa offers advice on blogging, social media engagement, search engine optimisation and how to get the most from using Twitter. Currently she has a giveaway running to celebrate the first year of the Inspire To Thrive website.
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Magnet4Marketing – Online Marketing / Blogging Tips
Magnet4Marketing has plenty of information including many tips and ideas on internet marketing, small business development, web design and SEO, blogging and making money online. Check out the ‘Tips & Tricks’ category for some for some great ideas.
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Traffic Generation Cafe – Strategies to increase your web traffic
Traffic Generation Cafe is all about providing the best free traffic generation tips, tricks, and resources to benefit your website and business. Here is first hand advice on the blog traffic generation strategies that Traffic Generation Cafe use themselves which you can implement on your site.
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Help to spread the Luv with social engagement

Comment Luv Premium for social engagementWhilst it take time and commitment to build an online reputation by using the CommentLuv Premium plugin offers blog owners the opportunity to engage in some serious social networking. Over time this will have a positive benefit.

So why not join join the expanding network of CommentLuv uses and start spreading the ‘Luv‘. You can get your copy of the CommentLuv Premium plugin right now!

Alternatively, visit the CommentLuv Search Engine to find other CommentLuv enabled websites.

Even if you are not yet certain of the benefits of the CommentLuv Premium plugin you can still take advantage of the freebies available, you can pick yours up at CommentLuv website.

Share your thoughts

Perhaps you have your own favourite blogs, if so why not share your suggestions here – please note that all links must have CommentLuv enabled and will be checked prior to approval. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. What a pleasant surprise Phil, thank you so very much for the mention. It’s always greatly appreciated and I’m so happy that you’ve learned a few things over at my blog and have started getting more traffic to yours. That’s always so much darn fun isn’t it!

    This is truly a wonderful post and I have no doubt everyone you mentioned here will be thrilled that you did. They are all amazing bloggers.

    Thank you again and please do enjoy your day!

    Adrienne Invites you to read.. Excuse Me But I Am A Little ConfusedMy Profile

    • Thank you Adrienne for taking the time to comment. It is my pleasure to have listed you here and is my way of saying thanks to you for sharing your knowledge in such a friendly way.

  2. Always a pleasure to have you stop by my blog, Phil, and look forward to reading more from you!

    Honored to be included on your short list.
    Ana Invites you to read.. High Traffic Site, Poor Alexa Rank – What gives?My Profile

  3. Could I make a suggestion, Phil?

    Would love to see you code your in-post links to open in a new window – that way you’ll stop loosing some of your traffic.
    Ana Hoffman Invites you to read.. Why Traffic Generation Cafe Runs on ThesisMy Profile

    • Thank you Ana for your comment and for your kind advice, that kindness is exactly the reason why I find your blog so appealing particularly when combined with your willingness to share your knowledge and help others.

  4. Hi Phil, thanks so much for connecting with me and for adding my blog to the list on this post! I’m honored and it means so much to know that the tips shared on the blog my myself and my guest authors are providing value to bloggers like yourself. Good to see you using CommentLuv as well.

    Best wishes and thanks again!
    Ileane Invites you to read.. AddThis the Killer WordPress Plugin for Monitoring Social EngagementMy Profile

    • Thanks Ileane for your kind contribution. It was my pleasure to add you to you the list as you are providing such helpful information on your blog that I am sure is of benefit to many of your visitors.

  5. Hey Phil,

    it’s great to see you’re experiencing first hand the benefits of CommentLuv Premium and you’ve not forgotten the most valuable thing it can bring and that’s connections with like minded bloggers.
    Andrew Bailey Invites you to read.. Global CommentLuv SearchMy Profile

    • Hi Andy, thanks for taking the time to come by and comment, it’s great to have you here! I’m really pleased with the way the CommentLuv Premium plugin is helping to increase audience participation, it offers a great way to meet new and engage with new people and that for me is the real benefit.

  6. Hi Phil,

    I met you on a guest post that I wrote for Ileane about a month ago. Nice looking blog :)

    I have to agree that CommentLuv Premium is the best commenting plugin available and it is no accident most of the A Grade bloggers out there use it as well.

    Keep up the great work
    Scott Dudley Invites you to read.. Seven Fool Proof Principles That Gene Simmons & Co. Used To Stand Out From The CompetitionMy Profile

    • Hi Scott, thanks for dropping by my site and for your kind comment which is very much appreciated. I remember your post on Ileane’s blog and enjoyed it very much.

      I am finding that the Comment Luv plugin is a real benefit to my site, it has certainly helped to increase audience participation which is great.

      Have a great day Scott :)

  7. I would have to agree that if you are making a blog, you want it to be read. The only problem is that with all of the competing attention grabbers on the internet today it can be hard to drive the level of traffic you would like to see. Commentluv is one way to help with this; I know I also have it installed and love the results so far. Always look forward to making new connections especially with other photographers on the net.
    Ashley Invites you to read.. Tucson Photography – with security issues!My Profile

  8. Thanks for sharing this Phil. Great article. I am going to check out every single link that you have recommended and improve on my social networking and blogging life. :)
    Leon Invites you to read.. Starting Food PhotographyMy Profile